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#Project365 week eleven

I’m still stuck in bed with vertigo so am restricted on the scope for taking pics! I have made it out of the house a couple of times for the children’s sake but it has really taken it out of me 🙁
Day 70: Mother’s Day was effectively cancelled but I pledged to take more pics of my mum so here she is having a cuddle with the kids

Day 71: not the best pic but I made it out of the house to go to Mother’s Day campfire cooking with Matthew and Beavers

Day 72: Anya loves dressing up especially in my clothes! Here she is in my swimsuit, gloves and bra. Oh and it was at 7am!

Day 73: Matthew had a glowing report from his teacher at parents’ evening. Zach idolises his big brother and copies him all the time

Day 74: the kids love the play tents but do have a tendency to get over excited!

Day 75: Anya wearing her own clothes but dressed for summer! She never seems to feel the cold while I am always in multiple layers!

Day 76: a touch of snow! Not a great deal this time round but enough to make me feel like summer is still a long way off..


  1. Sorry to hear about your vertigo, hope you’ll get better soon. Anya’s outfit is a classic! I also wear layers and layers in this weather. We’ve got snow here as well today, a bit fed up with it all now.
    And well done to Matthew for a glowing report!

  2. love the dressing up picture and the time of morning is a bit early.
    I fully sympathise with the vertigo, I have Menieres disease and that is one of the symptoms, the room spins even when you are lying down with your eyes closed, I got good over the years at crawling to the bathroom for a pee with my eyes closed.
    Layers are a better bet than one heavy one

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