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#Project365 2019 week 18

Day 118: Anya took part in her first St George’s Day parade with Beavers and she renewed her promise during the service.

Day 119: Zach is obsessed with poor Ollie at the moment and follows him around like a puppy, copying his every move.

Day 120: gangster style from Zach today although I think the effect might be ruined by Anya’s pink necklace rather than a gold chain…

Day 121: all smiles after my first morning at my temporary 5th job! Absolutely gutted it won’t be permanent 🙁

Day 122: Zach spent ages trying to take a selfie but kept taking photos of his forehead and the ceiling instead so I helped and he was so happy!

Day 123: sunset in Manchester, a childfree weekend so that I can go to Blog On and Chris can go to a gaming convention

Day 124: lift selfie at Blog On. Note the R2D2 dress as it was May the Fourth (be with you)


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  1. Well done Anya. It sounds like she’s getting up to all sorts with the Beavers.
    hehehe! Zach is so funny. What a cutie.
    Wow! Your 5th job! Go you!
    I hope you had a fab time at BlogOn. Your dress is fab! x

  2. Love the alternative outfit you wore to BlogOn and will watch this space to see whether the temporary job leads to something equally or more exciting

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