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#Project365 2019 week 23

Day 153: first ever theatre trip for the children and a trip down memory lane for me with Wallace and Gromit’s Musical Marvels

Day 154: the children had an inset day so we soaked up some sun by the river opposite our house and they rode their bikes

Day 155: my dad gives us tomato plants every year and 2019’s arrived and need to be planted out

Day 156: I fully admit that I am a pasta addict. Chris honestly can’t believe how much of it I can eat! Here I teamed Linda MacCartney meatballs with a homemade spicy sauce and the Garofalo pasta that was in the Blog On goody bag (all vegan and wheat free of course)

Day 157: guess which non potty trained child has climbed INSIDE my duvet cover whilst wet and naked after bathtime…

Day 158: Anya’s class did face painting on each other and I’m impressed! When Matthew did it 3 years ago he came out with what looked like army camouflage!

Day 159: never had face painting done before and then twice in two days! We were invited to the Face Paintoos party at Beale Park and the kids had a wonderful time with a magician, balloons and the main event: face temporary tattoos!

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