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#Project365 2019 week 25

Day 167: Father’s Day in Winchester with a lovely lunch at Ask Italian where the kids experienced a babyccino for the first time!

Day 168: Zach decided to play hide and seek but forgot to tell us… So it was a while before we started looking for him and we never would have guessed he was in the drawers of the bunk bed!

Day 169: Matthew’s sports day and he did really well. I did less well as it rained and I didn’t have a coat or brolly. I had a major win with my Mexican pasta salad though 🙂


Day 170: the rain continues but I was struck by the beauty of this purple rose on the school run

Day 171: trying out my outfit for a wedding at the weekend but Anya seems to have taken possession of my new shoes…

Day 172: fearless! Anya tried kayaking with the Beavers and LOVED it.

Day 173: time to get all glam for a wedding! A whole 24 hours without children, incredibly high heels (not the ones in the pic above), lots of Prosecco. Yay!


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  1. hehehe! It did make me chuckle about Zach playing hide and seek without telling you. How cute.
    Well done Matthew with sports day.
    Ohh! Those shoes are gorgeous! I don’t think I could walk in them but they’re so pretty.
    Lovely photo of you and your hubby x

  2. Lovely photo of Zach playing hide and seek. It’s definitely always a good idea to tell people you are playing! Great photos of Matthew’s sports day and Anya’s kayaking too.
    The shoes are a very good match for Anya’s socks! Hope you enjoyed the wedding.

  3. Zach is so cute! Kids find very interesting and clever places to hide. I remember I hid so well from everyone during hide-and-seek that no one could find me all night. Turns out I was hiding on the roof of my house (I don’t know how I got there) Anya’s rocking those heels!

  4. Poor Zach I hope he was okay when you found him. I love the colour of the shoes and I hope you had a brilliant time at the wedding. I can not remember the last time I went to a wedding!! xx

  5. I remember when my son tried a babyccino, he was not sure if he liked it. Eek, at hiding in the drawers. The rose is beautiful. Big well done to Matthew for doing so well at the Sports day. Anya looks like a pro in that kayak.

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