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#Project365 week 2

Day 6: time for a McDonalds to celebrate the end of the Christmas holidays. I’m trying their new vegan option despite the controversy: tasted good!

Day 7: beautiful sunset sky and love the silhouette of the tree branches

Day 8: tooth fairy back in action!

Day 9: delivery from the Vegan Supplement Store

Day 10: not quite sure who is photobombing who!

Day 11: Zach looking very smart and grown up with his hair cut

Day 12: kids’ fashion trends. Matt ALWAYS has his hood up whatever the weather. Anya has a woolly hat AND ear muffs with a unicorn horn that she has put a JoJo bow on…


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  1. Love Anya’s style, she clearly makes a fashion statement with her hat! Zach looks very cute with his new haircut.
    We haven’t tried the new veggie menu at McDonald’s. The sunset is beautiful.

  2. I do like this time of year for sunsets. One of the small benefits of Winter I guess (much prefer the warmer months!). I think we will be getting a visit from the tooth fairy soon eek! Loving the new haircut. Hope the supplements were nice. x

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