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#Project365 week 8: half term

Day 48: time to experiment in the kitchen in preparation for Pancake Day in a couple of weeks. Very proud of these vegan chocolate pancakes that were scrummy!

Day 49: time for some girly time with Anya. We had a vegan purple face mask and then I painted her nails (vegan nail polish) and watched some princess videos on YouTube

Day 50: a pretty average day for half term. Minecraft, Frozen, Kindle. What you don’t see is the bickering, the tummy bug and the despairing mum in the corner…

Day 51: getting educational in the garden by putting together this bird feeder and then watching avidly for some winged friends to join us!

Day 52: scaring off any birds by playing in the garden! Even Ollie joined in (forgetting his age once again!)

Day 53: Ollie has been trying out this flax oil solution from Actif Pets. Easy to add on to his food and helps him to enjoy life despite his age.

Day 54: who needs toys? A stick and some mud and the kids are happy! Good to see them outdoors rather than on their tablets…

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*We were sent the bird feeder and flax oil.


  1. Those pancakes look so good!
    It is amazing how many things are vegan now. I did not know you could get Vegan nail polish. It looks like you had a great pamper session with Anya.
    Aww! Ollie is a sweetheart. I hope the flax oil helps.

  2. Yay for sticks and mud. My two are the same and I am desperately trying to get them unattached from technology it really seems to have taken over in our house recently. Love the girlie time and the bird feeder looks ace. Hope the tummy bug didn’t stick around too long. Those pancakes look ace x

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