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#Project365 2021 week 19

Day 129: a bit of a strange angle but some blue sky to contrast with yesterday‘s run.

Day 130: sooooo, there was a positive case in my class and our bubble was sent home to self isolate. I brought the class’s pet ants with me and they are fascinating!

Day 131: mixing together my cheat’s feta pasta

Day 132: I have been begging Anya to get her hair cut as the knots have been driving me crazy! She looks so much more grown up! Obviously my haircut wasn’t possible due to self isolation 🙁

Day 133: working from home isn’t easy when the staff laptop has been trying to do updates for half an hour!

Day 134: Matthew won a Platinum Award at school. Proud mummy!
Day 135: a lovely new story book for Zach to enjoy: Wild by Annette from 3 Little Buttons

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  1. I hope the self isolating has gone OK. At least you had the ants to keep you amused.
    Anya’s hair looks so much better shorter.
    Ugh! I had a Windows update earlier this week and it took an age.
    Well done Matthew with the Platinum Award. x

  2. Ants must be quite interesting to observe – I should try doing something like that with Sophie. That feta pasta looks yummy. Love Anya’s haircut – I can imagine it’s much easier to brush now! Well done to Matthew on his platinum award and hope Zach enjoyed his new story book. #project365

  3. Sorry to hear about the self-isolation. I hope it has passed quickly. Love the new haircut, they always look so much more grown-up with shorter hair I feel. Love the look of the new book.

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