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#Project365 2021 week 21

Day 143: we went for a bit of a marathon walk so that Chris could have a snooze. Plus I had a 4 hour cold which may have been related to the Covid vaccine from the day before.

Day 144: a nice relaxing meal out, our first visit to a pub since last August!

Day 145: a couple fo months ago we thought Ollie might have been approaching the end but thankfully he seems to have settled with his new medication. He’s doing well for 15 and three quarters!


Day 146: and speaking of pets…welcome to our new Messor Barbarus ants!


Day 147: enjoying the bluebells in our garden


Day 148: last day of work before half term and I had fire marshal training. I got to use a fire extinguisher for the first time ever!


Day 149: birthday boy! Matthew is 11!

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  1. Well done for having the jab!! I had mine too, it was so exciting. Ollie is so cute and I’m happy he is feeling better with his medication. My dog is elderly, so I know how scary it is to think of what will happen, hopefully in a very very very distant future.
    Eating in a restaurant is also really exciting after all this time, it’s a real treat.

  2. Happy birthday Matthew. Bummer being ill on his birthday. We’ve still not been to the pub (well, the OH has for a drink outside), N will beat me there as his friend invited him out for a birthday meal. That is a good age for a dog. Glad he’s doing well

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