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#Project365 2021 week 4

Day 24: SNOW!!! Chris said it was the best snow ever and I think I agree!
Day 25: of course, it didn’t last long so here are the remains of the other snowman in our own garden

Day 26: it must be love, love, love! So happy with our new canvas from Asda Photo

Day 27: working hard. This week hasn’t felt too bad and we’ve had fewer tears (from the kids and ME!)

Day 28: some people get a facial. I get pebble dashed by wind and rain on a quick walk to the post office. Not quite the same…

Day 29: Zach is super proud of Super Carrot!

Day 30: current mood 🙁 It’s been raining all day and I have just felt blue. This photo really angers me. This mask could have just saved someone’s life and yet is has been discarded and poses a health threat. I hate litterbugs!

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  1. The snow was good here too. Nice to relax and enjoy it. Litterbugs annoy me too. It’s just not acceptable anyway, but dropping masks are worse given the potential contamination

  2. I hate litterbugs too, they are all over the carpark where I work by the end of each shift. I really feel for the cleaners who have to pick them up. I am so jealous of all your snow, I would have loved a proper snow day

  3. Glad they enjoyed the snow – it was great to get a decent amount. I know what you mean about masks as litter – I really hate to see that (and more than a crisp packet or something). I do think people should dispose of them with care.

  4. Lots of snow!!! Yay. I think you also got our snow as we still haven’t had any. I love the look of your canvas I really should refresh our wedding pictures. I am totally with you on the discarded mask, as if the situation isn’t bad enough! Hope you are not feeling so blue now. I must admit I am a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at the moment.

  5. Looks like they had lots of fun in the snow. I love the text on the canvas I say that to Darren all the time. I hate seeing masks dropped on the floor, well anything really. Especially when there are bins around, and it isn’t hard to take rubbish home! #356

  6. Love the canvas print of your wedding, great photos. I’m wondering how many masks were left behind from people decorating snowmen with them. I also know I’ve lost a few that have fallen out of my pocket I’ve kept as spares. I only saw the snow on arrival, it had been rained away by the following day.

  7. Your canvas looks fab! Lovely photos of your wedding day. Looks like plenty of snow in your first photo. I hate seeing discarded masks too, it is always a worry seeing them lying around. I am just counting down till half term now hoping that will re-energize us! I think we have had enough of it all.

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