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#Project365 2023 week 11

Day 70: Chris was out so I was in charge. Wurzel had a strange shaking episode but still had plenty of energy for racing around the garden and being angsty when Matthew stayed outside.

Day 71: Zach was enthralling my mum with his tablet

Day 72: fab start to the week when I logged on to Duolingo

Day 73: warmer weather again so time for a run. My trainers are starting to look a bit sorry for themselves and I have already bought their replacement but I can’t bear to part with them as we’ve been on such a journey together.

Day 74: hmmm it was supposed to be a small shop but I spent over £90!

Day 75: I’ve started a new language: German! I have an A grade GCSE in German but it was 26 years ago 🙁

Day 76: I spent the morning with Zach completing activities and crafts for Mother’s Day


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