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#Project366 2020 week 16

Day 103: Easter Sunday and a desperate attempt on my part to get a photo of the kids with their chocolate when all they wanted to do was get on and eat it!

Day 104: Matthew and I learned how to play Bakugan: he won every time!

Day 105: we all left the house to walk Ollie and get some exercise. It was the first time I have gone out of the front door (except to clap for carers on Thursdays) in 23 days due to my asthma flaring up unexpectedly after 20 years.

Day 106: our garden is springing to life and our apple and cherry trees have blossom! In other news, Zach and Anya have got into our chosen schools for September and I’m hoping they get to go back for at least a week before the summer holiday to say goodbye to their current preschool and school.

Day 107: I have the confidence to go out now so took the kids to exercise by the river and had the happy surprise of meeting my parents on their daily walk

Day 108: in a fit of craziness we decided to camp in the garden. Ollie changed his mind after dark and was the wisest as it was freezing! Chris and I only slept for about an hour each but the kids slept like babies and loved it!

Day 109: a bit of biscuit baking for the kids



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  1. hehehe! I had to beg my girls for a photo with their Easter eggs, they were so keen to eat them too.
    The Bakugan game looks interesting.
    I have noticed all the blossom on our daily walks and everything looks so pretty.
    I have been thinking about camping in the garden with the kids but I might wait until the nights are a bit warmer. x

  2. Aww what a lovely week 🙂 Camping in the garden sounds fun ! Love the biscuits. How lovely to bump into your parents on your walk – great timing ! Well done on getting into your chosen schools – one less thing to worry about ! I remember playing Bakugan with Pierre once – he thrashed me too so there must be a hidden knack ! lol

  3. Glad you’re enjoying getting outside for some exercise. The Easter egg photo made me chuckle – it’s fun trying to get a quick photo when all they want to do is eat it! Love the blossom on the trees and glad that Zach and Anya got into their chosen schools. Camping in the garden is on our list of things to do at some point although you’re brave doing it in April! Glad the children enjoyed it though. #project366

  4. those biscuits look lovely, well done kids.
    Ollie sounds the sensible one with the camping, but nice to give the children a different night.
    Nice for the kids to pass their grandparents.
    Only got to eat the eggs once, and the quicker they are gone the better.

  5. The eggs are great, such a fab haul. Plus tasty too. Our blossom hasn’t come out yet, looks so pretty though. I hope you have fun camping. We don’t have grass, but it’s still so cold here. The game looks fun too xx

  6. Camping in the garden always sounds more fun than the reality, glad the younger two enjoyed it though. Must have been nice to get out the house further than the doorstep after 3 weeks

  7. How brave of you to sleep in the tent in the garden, as the nights are still pretty cold. We have never played Bakugan, but it looks fun.
    Glad to hear Zach and Anya good places in schools of your choice. Hope they’ll get to see their current class mates before the school year is over.

  8. You are very brave camping in the garden. My kids have but like my bed. My chest has been very tight and we are battling with my daughter’s asthma to get it under control too as she is only just newly diagnosed.
    I haven’t taken the kids out by myself but I am going to work on it this week.
    Project 365

  9. How did the camping go? We are planning that in a couple of weeks for Kippers birthday. Yay to getting the school choices you want it seems a bit odd doesnt it to be thinking about it now.

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