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#Project366 2020 week 34

Day 229: when we went to Farnborough on Saturday I was delighted to spot a stall by The Hampshire Gluten Free Company and chose some items from their vegan range. This is a curry pasty that I chose for Sunday lunch

Day 230: we finished our Joe Wicks workout and Matt yells ‘There’s a frog in here!’ 30 minutes of searching and no sign of anything so I was starting to doubt him. Then I was sat at my laptop and looked behind me to see this little guy hopping around the floor. Eventually he took the hint and went back outside!

Day 231: an afternoon out. First the kids made slime and then they had a pony ride (Zach was too scared 🙁 )

Day 232: pub lunch and I opted for the Malaysian curry and a side of chips. Yay, another thing crossed off out bucket list for summer!

Day 233: 44 Cats is a series I was unaware of but we have now watched some episodes and Anya liked the toys we were sent to review

Day 234: the cows have moved fields since we last saw them. We got drenched on our walk!

Day 235: a day out to the Chiltern Open Air Museum

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  1. Oh that curry looks delicious. My two would have loved the frog although our cat would probably have tried to eat it. Harry was the same on a pony ride and refused to go on. Hoping he maybe brave enough next time.

  2. I haven;’t been to chiltern open air museum since i was at school ( a very long time ago) – we have two frogs in our garden, not had them in the house yet thiugh

  3. Looks like your weather has been as changeable as ours, swapping from sunshine to rain – boo ! Lovely to see the kids with the horses and the frog, wow, what a cool little visitor ! The curry looks lovely – yum !

  4. Was the pasty good? A friend who’s a coeliac said it’s tricky to make a good gluten-free pastry dough.
    The cats toys look very cute.
    Is that a Stone Age hut at the open air museum?

  5. That Malaysian curry looks amazing… and so beautiful! The mixture of colours really does make it stand out. Hope it tasted as delicious as I imagine!
    A curry pasty too? I’ve never had one but now totally want one, I expect Liv would love it too! We are total curry monsters, growing up Liv has always loved curry so it has always been a bonus! 🙂
    It looks like you had a fantastic week and a very friendly visitor too! 🙂 I don’t mind frogs hopping into my house, but draw the line at wasps… pesky little things! Hope you are all havng a lovely week! Sim x

  6. Glad the frog left of his own accord – I think having one in the house would have freaked me out a bit! That Malaysian curry looked yummy – how nice to get out for a pub lunch. Love the photo at Chiltern Open Air Museum – one of our favourite places. Hope you had a lovely day out. #project366

  7. What a sweet little frog to hop into your house! Just googled Chiltern Open Air Museum it sounds like a great day out with plenty to see! Will have to keep it in mind for future visits to the area. Hope the curry pasty was nice, think my husband would enjoy those.

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