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Wedding Wednesday! The proposal

I joked on Sunday when I announced our engagement that I would be spamming my blog with wedding posts from now on! 🙂
I have decided to be more restrained and post every now and then on a Wednesday when I have an update on our wedding plans. Obviously our wedding is important but we are a family first and foremost, and, as I wrote before, we practically have a marriage already, just missing the legal bit!

So to start off, I thought I would tell you about the proposal.
Chris didn’t get down on one knee (with his knees it wouldn’t have been a good idea!) and I wouldn’t have wanted him to. He didn’t ask my dad’s permission and I wouldn’t have wanted him to do that either. In fact the latter would have been enough for me to turn him down!
It was completely unexpected. On New Year’s Eve I was in the kitchen with my mind firmly on my mocha and crisps when Chris told me to put them down. NOTHING disturbs crisp time so it was very unusual 🙂 Then he asked if I’d like to choose an engagement ring while we were at the shops.

I don’t think I actually gave him an answer. I was in complete shock. We had always agreed that we wouldn’t get married as neither of us wanted a wedding day. But now he had asked and I had nodded and kissed him.
I like to think it was a bit like Prince Harry proposing whilst cooking a roast chicken. Marriage is about the normal everyday things a couple does together, not a big gesture followed by a huge ridiculous wedding day (think we will beat Harry and Meghan on that one…)
I hate to spoil the romance but we didn’t have the opportunity to go and look for rings as we had the children with us. Actually, we almost talked ourselves out of the whole thing several times as well! All of the things that had worried us and made us determined to avoid a wedding weighed heavily on us. But then we decided to focus on what WE wanted and stop worrying abut everyone else.
I’ll tell you about the ring next week…


  1. Aw congratulations on your engagement! My husband proposed to me over breakfast in bed with a costume jewellery ring I had bought a week or so earlier because he didn’t have one and I didn’t care. To this day, we did not exchange rings (Not even at our wedding). Instead we have tattoos on our ring fingers and did a hand tying ceremony at the wedding. These small things may seem insignificant to some but whatever it is or however it is done, it need only be important to you.


  2. Kev

    Certainly not to everyone’s taste, but as Vicky and I had both been married before, we didn’t want a big wedding for our day.

    After the ceremony at the registrar, we all went down to a nearby Toby Carvery! We’d arranged to have a private room, which we’d decorated the night before. This meant we had privacy as well as a decent dinner at a very reasonable price! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! Some people spend so much money and energy on the wedding (mostly to please other people) that they lose sight of the marriage part. It sounds like you’ve got the right idea. It doesn’t matter what happens on the day as long as you love each other. It’s your day spend it however you want to! #sharingthebloglove

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  5. We didn’t tell anybody went to the jewellers picked a ring and married 6 months later congrats Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  6. Congratulations! I love how Chris just surprised you out of the blue with that question. I think it’s lovely to have the opportunity to choose your own engagement ring. I also completely agree with you that marriage is very much about the ordinary everyday things rather than the big gestures and huge celebrations. We had a big wedding and it was lovely but it really is the everyday things after the wedding that matter most. Happy wedding planning and congratulations once again! 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  7. Awww congratulations again! It’s lovely to be able to choose your own ring, and I love the one you chose, it’s absolutely beautiful! I completely agree – marriage is all about the everyday things and making them special because you’re together. I hope you have a wonderful time wedding planning – as much as it’s not all about the one day, it’s definitely one of the best days of my life, having all of our family and friends there to see us say our vows. Enjoy the planning! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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