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The Dying Game, by Ruhi Choudhary

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Seemingly random women are abducted and murdered in lakemore. Detective Mackenzie Price needs to unearth the connection between the women, determine the motive and catch the killer. Can she find him before the next kidnapped woman is killed…?
The Dying Game is the fourth book to feature Mad Mack, a sparky detective with a traumatic past. I have reviewed the previous books in the series: Hidden Lake, Their Frozen Graves, and Little Boy Lost.
Mack’s personal life takes a back seat in this latest book, although she is suffering from flashbacks. The focus is therefore very much on the case which has so many twists and turns as multiple women are abducted and then found dead. The murders and body disposal are not straight forward and the evidence is confusing for the police team.
Power and money appear at the centre of the case and this leads to frustration and politics from both the police and suspects. I did manage to guess the culprit towards the end but this did not spoil my enjoyment of the book and I enjoyed watching the conclusion unnfold.
The banter and frisson between Mack and Nick continues to entertain. This adds a lightness amidst the grisly forensic detail and determined investigation. There is humour from Mack’s response to being in the media especially as she is teased by her colleagues. However, there is also some emotion as Mack realises her personal life is on hold and she is lonely.
The Dying Game is an entertaining police thriller with plenty of character development for the lead detective.
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Book: The Dying Game 
Author: Ruhi Choudhary  
Pub Day: Jan 17th 2022 
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Amazon: https://geni.us/B09G71K3X4social
Apple: http://ow.ly/Jzfd50GaVJl 
Kobo: http://ow.ly/QEkl50GaVHF 
Google: http://ow.ly/L5sP50GaVKq 
About the Book: 
As the doors of the elevator were forced open, Mack’s worst fears were confirmed. A delicate hand dangled at the top, peeking out from above the elevator. From the shape and size and the green color on the nails, the hand belonged to a woman. Had they found Mia?
Lakemore, Washington. When Mia Gallagher is reported missing after an apparent abduction, Detective Mackenzie Price is immediately called in to investigate. But as she begins to scour CCTV footage of her last known movements, Mia’s body is discovered in an elevator shaft.
DNA evidence points to a troubled local man from the wrong side of town. But before he can be questioned, his body is found alongside a suicide note with the words: I killed her. I didn’t want to. But I had no choice.
The case appears closed until another woman goes missing and 48 hours later is found dead. The only link between the victims is a connection to Baron Wildman, one of the most powerful men in Lakemore but there is no hard evidence connecting him to their deaths.
When a local man confesses to the second killing, his M.O. is eerily similar to the first: kill or be killed. Then a third woman disappears and Mack knows she has just forty-eight hours to discover who lies at the heart of the blackmailing ring and find her victim alive.
Soon it becomes clear that this twisted killer will go to any lengths to protect a decades-old secret and wreak their revenge, even if that means hurting those closest to Mack. Can she unravel who lies at the heart of this deadly game before she loses another person she loves?
A pulse-pounding thriller packed with twists, The Dying Game will have you reading late into the night. Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Karin Slaughter and Robert Dugoni.
author Ruhi Choudhary
Author Bio
Ruhi Choudhary discovered her passion for writing when she was seven years old and wrote her first Star Trek episode. Being a fan of the dark and twisted, she found her calling in crime thriller.
She likes to write stories that make you a little uncomfortable and characters that you struggle to make up your mind about but stay with you.
She lives in Toronto and spends her days training to be a scientist and wishing it rained more often!
Ruhi’s social media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RuhiSChoudhary

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