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The Secret Pianist, by Andie Newton

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The Cotillard sisters, Gaby, Martine and Simone, are trying to stay under the radar of the Nazis and survive the war. Gaby was a pianist and gave up her chance at romance to complete her musical work. Now she is hunted by a German officer to teach his stepdaughter how to play the piano, meanwhile she is also sending messages to England via pigeon…
The Secret Pianist is an historical novel set in France and England during WW2.
Having read several WW2 books recently, I did feel a little fatigued when I started this book. However, this was soon blown out of the water. I was quickly swept up in the village life as the sisters try to resist the Germans while also avoid detection. Neighbours spy on each other, ready to denounce for collaboration as well as resistance. The sisters are caught in the middle!
The book is written in the first person perspective of Gaby and the third person of Guy in London. Gaby doesn’t know who to trust except her sisters but their actions have dangerous consequences. Guy is thrilled that his pigeon drop has been successful but is haunted by the sheet music it is written on. I kept my fingers crossed that the two main characters would meet up and have a happy ending together (no spoilers if they do or not!)
I thought the historical elements of the book were really well researched. The French community is divided between ‘good’ and ‘bad’, those staying true to their country and those interacting with the enemy. However, this is not at all straightforward and the judgement of others often falls far from the truth. Gaby is compelled to give lessons, accept a German officer as a neighbour, take German business; all of which mark her out as a collaborator but she has no choice and is trying to protect others.
The Secret Pianist is an emotional and engaging historical novel about the triumph of hope in the face of adversity.
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The Secret Pianist
Sisters. Traitors. Spies.
When a British RAF Whitley plane comes under fire over the French coast and is forced to drop their cargo, a spy messenger pigeon finds its way into unlikely hands…
The occupation has taken much from the Cotillard sisters, and as the Germans increase their forces in the seaside town of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Gabriella, Martine and Simone can’t escape the feeling that the walls are closing in.
Yet, just as they should be trying to stay under the radar, Martine’s discovery of a British messenger pigeon leads them down a new and dangerous path. Gaby would do anything to protect her sisters but when the pianist is forced to teach the step-daughter of a German Commandant, and the town accuses the Cotillards of becoming ‘Bad French’ and in allegiance with the enemy, she realizes they have to take the opportunity to fight back that has been handed to them.
Now, as the sisters’ secrets wing their way to an unknown contact in London, Gaby, Martine and Simone have to wonder – have they opened a lifeline, or sealed their fate?
Readers can’t get enough of USA Today bestselling author Andie Newton:
‘A brilliant tale of resistance, sisterhood and dangerous secrets. Andie Newton is a master storyteller!’ Sara Ackerman, USA Today bestselling author of The Codebreaker’s Secret
‘If you believe every WW2 story has already been told, think again. This one is special.’ Paulette Kennedy, bestselling author of The Witch of Tin Mountain
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Author Bio –
Author Bio: Andie Newton is the USA Today bestselling author of A Child for the Reich, The Girls from the BeachThe Girl from Vichy, and The Girl I Left Behind. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family. When she’s not writing gritty war stories about women, you can usually find her trail-running in the desert and stopping to pet every Yellow Lab or Golden Retriever that crosses her path. Andie is actively involved with the reading and writing community on social media. You can follow her on X (Twitter) @andienewton and Instagram, or check out her author page on Facebook.
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(Twitter) @andienewtonInstagram, Facebook.
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