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#Project365 week 10

The snow of last week seems like so long ago! I have had to cheat a little bit this week as I’ve been struck down with an inner ear infection and had vertigo and vomiting (NOT FUN!) so been in bed for 4 days and therefore unable to take photos!
Day 63: we all had colds (possibly due to being out in the snow?) and Zach woke in the night shivering then spiked a fever. It was really scary for us both and we had an afternoon nap to catch up some sleep!

Day 64: amazingly proud of Matthew receiving his Chief Scout’s Bronze Award badge at Beavers. He has really blossomed thanks to the excellent team that support the group (and me on the Executive Committee of course!)

Day 65: vanity alert! I love this photo even thought I usually cringe at pics of myself. Anya took this photo to capture her efforts on my hair and jewellery.

Day 66: Zach has discovered Hula Hoops!

Day 67: International Women’s Day and I wanted to celebrate my mum but I haven’t taken any recent photos of her so I promise to get her included in more photos from now on!

Day 68: Anya designed her own Moana costume by swapping her leggings and cardigan!

Day 69: Chris took this pic at the Track Party in Basingstoke. Sadly I was ill in bed and couldn’t go but the kids had a great time! I hope we can go to the next one in April!


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