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#Project365 week 28: still waiting for the rain!

OK, seriously, this is starting to get weird. British summers are NOT like this!
Day 189: a special treat for all of us as we went to the cinema to watch the new Thomas and Friends film. It was Zach’s first visit to a cinema!

Day 190: a new style for me, I’ve never tried this neckline before!

Day 191: fun at the park. Matthew and Anya were brilliant on their bikes (see Matt in the background?) while Zach had a great time chasing them and being spun around by me!

Day 192: no apologies for the pun 😀 I sat down with the children and we watched their first football match together. Sadly, not the result we wanted despite the early goal… 🙁

Day 193: this week it was Anya’s turn for sports day and she won!

Day 194: I have been driving Chris crazy by leaving a glass of water in the fridge and he is terrified of knocking it over 🙂 I am drinking water every 2 hours during the day to try to keep hydrated during the heatwave but also try to detox a little so I look my best for my upcoming wedding!

Day 195: more footie sadness but there were some good chances for the England team!



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  4. It’s so wrong but I really want to see the new Thomas and Friends film. My girls are having none of it. lol
    Well done Anya with sports day!
    That is a good idea keeping a glass of water in the fridge.

  5. Love your girls face watching the footy. I was so gutted when they lost but they did so well. Love that top on you and I had no idea there was a new Thomas movie. I’ll have to look for it!

  6. Zach looks very excited on his first trip to the cinema. We’re planning to go to see The Incredibles 2 soon.
    Love the photo of you playing in the park, and just look at those expressions during the World cup game!

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