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#Project365 week 34

Another week of the summer is gone and it has been sooooo busy!
Day 231: we enjoyed a lovely day out at Orleans House Gallery where the kids got busy with art!

Day 232: I set the kids to work collecting apples from our garden tree, now just have to decide on whether to make a crumble or pie…

Day 233: Zach is obsessed with numbers and love this set from Orchard Toys that we bought to take on holiday with us last month.

Day 234: invasion of the cousins! Time to head to the playground.

Day 235: a peaceful walk by the river near our home. We saw ducks and swans!

Day 236: the calm before the storm… later on my cousin and her children arrived so we had zombies, dinosaurs and a lot of jumping off furniture whilst screeching loudly!

Day 237: I have had a frustrating week buying my new phone and trying to swap my SIM, it’s huge compared to my old one!



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