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#Project365 2022 week 2

Day 8: our first games night. Anya really wanted us to do a weekly games night so we agreed!

Day 9: I haven’t worn PJs since I was a kid but I loved the star pattern so bought these from Aldi before Christmas

Day 10: a fabulous gluten free crumb but the inside of the nugget needed some more flavour or seasoning. Chris thought they tasted wonderful though!

Day 11: school trip so time to dress as a Victorian

Day 12: a stressful day. I found out I had been deliberately exposed to covid due to someone’s deceptive and wilfully irresponsible behaviour. Then Zach had a spot on his leg that I was convinced was the start of chickenpox


Day 13: urgh. Good news: no more spots and that one had disappeared. Negative lateral flows. But the weather is cold, foggy and not helping my mood 🙁

Day 14: finally Friday! For Christmas, the kids were all given a light sensitive t shirt for drawing on so we had fun designing and trying out different light sources

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  1. The weekly games night sounds like fun. We used to do the same when my girls were little.
    Ohh! I love my pj’s, I probably have more sets than proper clothes. lol
    Those t-shirts look like fun x

  2. The weekly gaming night sounds fun! Sorry to hear you were exposed to covid, fingers crossed, the negative test stays on. I wear PJs, prefer them to nighties. The light sensitive t-shirts look fascinating. The Victorian bonnet suits you. You make a lovely Victorian lady.

  3. I love the idea of a weekly games night. So sorry that you’ve been deliberately exposed to Covid – hope you manage to stay well and avoid getting it. Glad that the spot on Zach’s leg wasn’t chicken pox. Sophie had a couple of spots on her tummy the other day and I was thinking the same. That light-sensitive T-shirt looks like fun. #project365

  4. You look great as a Victorian. We should do weekly games night but I just don’t know where the time goes at the weekend. Love the PJ’s, I love having PJ days. That’s terrible about the covid exposure. I just don’t understand how you could do that to someone #365

  5. Love your pj trousers and the light sensitive shirts sound and look amazing. So sorry to hear someone was so deceptive about covid, that must be a very frightening thing to have experienced, I hope you are ok and haven’t caught it

  6. Love your new pj’s, I would be lost without mine so comfy! You look fab dressed up from the Victorian era! Hope you managed to avoid both Covid and chickenpox in your household. Both seem rife in our area at the moment.

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