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#Project366 2020 week 10

Day 61: homework and painting combo

Day 62: more homework! Matthew was writing up his science project that I showed last week (the cress)


Day 63: PTA meeting down the pub, yay! They had no large glasses so they poured my wine into two small ones! I also treated myself to some chips 🙂

Day 64: remember Matthew brought home a random tree to plant weeks ago? Despite the crazy weather it is growing quite nicely but still not sure what it is!

Day 65: the dreaded World Book Day. Anya is The Snow Queen (aka Elsa from Frozen 2) and Matthew is a Roman from Horrible Histories Rotten Romans


Day 66: darling Zach has been waiting all week for Friday so that he goes to my mum and dad’s while I work. Apparently Nanna is the best! What about poor Mummy?!

Day 67: after my experiences as a food technician, I have decided that I want my children to be confident in the kitchen. Matthew made this bolognese all by himself!

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  1. It looks like the kids have been busy with homework. It looks like fun though.
    I like the sound of the PTA meeting at the pub! All the PTA meetings I went to were boring and in the school. We never even got a cuppa. lol
    Fab World book day costumes!
    Well done Matthew! That bolognese looks so good x

  2. Well done to Matthew for making the bolognese! My boys do a bit of cooking for themselves, but I realised yesterday that my daughter (nearly 14) doesn’t even know how to turn the grill on! If I’m out, I ask the boys to make her tea for her. It looks like you had a pretty easy World Book Day. I definitely don’t miss that!

  3. Fab work Matthew, I’m afraid I’d rather my adult children didn’t cook in my kitchen, they still make too much mess lol. Had to laugh at Zach saying Nanna is the best, kids eh?

  4. Well done, Matthew! The Bolognese looks tasty. I’ve only just had a talk with my younger son that we should do cooking together so that he learns how to cook.
    The World Book day costumes look lovely.

  5. well done Matthew, I think you are quite right to teach them their way round a kitchen.
    I would rather know he was happy going to hid grandparents that worrying he was unhappy being left. Nice to see them doing their homework.
    Sounds like you enjoyed the PTA .

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