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Play Dead, by Anne Penketh


I am absolutely thrilled to have added a new author to my bookshelf! I didn’t find out until the end that this was actually the third in the series of DI Sam Clayton books. It works perfectly as a standalone but now I am intrigued as to what I missed (off to hunt for them…)
A woman is discovered murdered, impaled by her cello. Other members of the orchestra are targeted and an accidental death in the recent past is revealed to be murder too.
Musical politics are at the centre of the case that Clayton and his team need to investigate. There is also a personal worry as Clayton’s girlfriend is in the choir associated with the orchestra…
Play Dead was an excellent police procedural novel. The police team is at the heart of the book and their investigation takes place before our eyes. There is humour and banter as you would expect from a team and this gives a degree of realism without the hierarchical tensions that are often rife in police books.
The police characters are well developed and author Anne Penketh has made Clayton is particularly easy to like. The suspects are all acting suspiciously so I had no idea who was responsible for the murders. All of the investigation loose ends are tied up by the end of the book whcih I personally find more satisfying than open ended novels.
There is plenty of scope for more books as Clayton’s personal life has unfinished threads and Norwich is a big place, lots of potential crimes!

Play Dead (Detective Sam Clayton #3) by Anne Penketh


Detective Inspector Sam Clayton is called in to investigate three victims with ties to the Norfolk Festival Orchestra.
Musician Kristina Manning is impaled by her cello spike.
The disgraced conductor is found with his head stuffed into a piano. He’s on the brink of death.
A trumpeter dies, poisoned by his mouthpiece.
Will Clayton’s new girlfriend, Melissa, a singer in the NFO, be next on the murderer’s list?
Is there a serial killer with a musical edge on the loose? And what does the disappearance of former orchestra member Lauren Garner have to do with it?
PLAY DEAD is the third in a new series of page-turning crime thrillers set in an atmospheric part of Norfolk. Perfect for fans of LJ Ross, Mel Sherratt, Colin Dexter, or Ruth Rendell.
What readers are saying about ANNE PENKETH
“Five out of five stars!” Michelle K
“I had a hard job putting this one down as it had me fully engaged and wanting more.” Dawn J
“This book was brilliant from start to finish, it was totally gripping from the first page. I read this book in one sitting, it was so good I didn’t want to put it down.” Lynn G
“Great book to read on holiday with a satisfyingly twisting storyline.” CH
A real page turner.” Barb D
“It had many twists which kept me guessing. I would never have worked out the ending.” Shamiela A
Riveting read.” Penny B
“Sam Clayton is not your average hard-boiled detective. He has problems of his own as he sets out to find a serial killer.” Meg B
Detective Inspector Sam Clayton leads the investigation into the North Norfolk murders, joined the police straight from school as a beat bobby in Manchester before rising through the ranks of the CID. He was transferred to Norwich after being promoted to DI following a high-profile case investigated by Lancashire Constabulary.
Detective Sergeant Julie Everett is an intuitive officer who was promoted to detective sergeant from her home town of Ipswich where she had a background in child protection. She is discreet about her personal life among colleagues, particularly about the tragedy which haunts her. She has to deal with a high-pressure job while raising her child who moved with her to Norwich.


Anne Penketh – Author Bio
I’m a Lancashire lass but for most of my career, I’ve been a foreign correspondent. I’ve reported from all over the world on some of the most cataclysmic events of our time, including the Egyptian revolution and the collapse of the Berlin wall.
While in London I was diplomatic editor of The Independent, but these days I’m based in Paris and concentrating on fiction writing. The third in a series of crime novels featuring Detective Inspector Sam Clayton, Play Dead, is out now. My first novel, Food Fight, was published in 2015.
I’ve reported from Paris mainly for The Independent and The Guardian, but I also contributed to France24 television and Monocle radio.  As a freelancer, I’ve written for The New Zealand Herald and The National (Abu Dhabi), as well as the LA Times, the New York Times, the Radio Times, the Oldie, Monocle magazine, Quartz, and Spark News.
Between 2009 and 2012, I headed the Washington office of the British American Security Information Council (BASIC), a trans-Atlantic NGO focused on nuclear disarmament.
During my ten-year stint on The Independent I was one of the few journalists to report from Iran, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.
Earlier, I was a staff foreign correspondent with the French news agency, AFP, which posted me to Moscow during the incredible Gorbachev years. I also reported for AFP from France, and New York where I covered the United Nations.
I started my journalistic career in Canada, arriving with two suitcases to seek my fortune in Montreal, from where I reported for British newspapers before getting a job on the Montreal Gazette.
Before that, I was a postgraduate student at University College London whose French department nurtured my lifelong love of French literature and culture.
Website:  www.annepenketh.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anne.penketh.9


Her Deadly Touch, by Lisa Regan

Her Deadly Touch book cover

Josie Quinn has been on leave since the death of her beloved grandmother Lisette. On the day before she is due to return to work, she finds a woman’s murdered body in the cemetery. The victim is the mother of a child killed in a bus crash and the driver is about to go on trial. Josie has the unpleasant task of investigating the lives of the other bereaved parents but they are in danger too…
Her Deadly Touch is the 12th book to feature Josie Quinn and her team. There are no spoilers about events in previous books except for the death of Lisette.
The grief described throughout the book is hugely emotional and made even more so by the author’s note at the end. Survivors’ guilt as well as the incessant ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ plays on the minds of many of the characters.
Josie has a vulnerability in this book that hasn’t been so apparent in previous books. Her inner strength that has got her through previous intense situations has been shaken by her guilt. She appears much more human in this book as her emotions take control, however she is still determined to catch the killer.
The plot kept me guessing until the very end. The range of suspects are all credible culprits as secrets unravel and more murders ensue. Picking apart the lives of the crash victims’ parents is tough work emotionally for Josie as she struggles with her own grief. There are plenty of twists and this allowed me to make lots of incorrect guesses about the killer and their motive.
Her Deadly Touch is an engaging and enthralling mystery although I was left with a feeling of overwhelming sadness (sign of a good writer when you care about the characters!)
I have previously reviewed Her Final Confession,The Bones She BuriedCold Heart Creek, Find Her Alive, Save Her Soul and Hush Little Girl.
Her Deadly Touch blog tour banner
Book: Her Deadly Touch
Author: Lisa Regan
Pub Day: August 12th 2021
Buy Link: 
Amazon: https://geni.us/B095WY9LC3social
Apple: http://ow.ly/2ZCV50EWxZU
Kobo: http://ow.ly/6pTD50EWxXR
Google: http://ow.ly/FZu250EWy1U
About the Book:
The woman is kneeling at a gravestone, her hair blowing in the breeze, a bunch of wilting yellow daffodils on the grass beside her. Her eyes are fixed on the ground and her mouth is parted in a silent prayer. But the wax dripping from her cold blue lips means it’s already too late to save her…
On her first day back with the Denton PD after a major trauma, Detective Josie Quinn is on the hunt for a missing woman, Krystal Duncan, the mother of one of five children killed in a devastating school bus crash. Hours later, Josie finds Krystal’s body beside her daughter’s grave, her lips sealed together forever with wax.
Forensics match the wax to one of the candles lit in memory of the sweet little souls who died, giving Josie her first lead to a support group made up of the parents who lost children in the crash. Painstakingly dissecting the lives of these grieving couples, it’s clear to Josie that each of them is hiding something about the day of the accident—but whose secret is worth killing for?
The case takes an agonizing turn when the body of another young mother is found near the site of the bus crash. Someone connected to the accident is out for revenge. As the members of the support group are picked off one by one, every second counts for Josie to save the lives of these loving parents who have already suffered the loss of those they treasured most…
An absolutely gripping and totally unputdownable crime thriller from an Amazon, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Be warned, this book will keep you up all night! Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Dugoni and Rachel Caine.

author Lisa Regan


Author Bio
Lisa Regan is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Detective Josie Quinn series. Lisa is a member of Sisters In Crime, International Thriller Writers, and Mystery Writers of America. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University. She lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the U.S. with her husband, daughter, and Boston Terrier named Mr. Phillip.
Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LisaReganCrimeAuthor 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lisalregan
Website: https://lisaregan.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisareganauthor/

Into Deadly Storms, by Judi Daykin

Into Deadly Storms book cover


Teenager Callum Young is missing and then his body is discovered, sparking a murder inquiry. DS Sara Hirst embarks on the investigation and is thrown into a web of drugs and lies. But who killed Callum and why…?
Into Deadly Storms is the second book by Judi Daykin to feature Sara and her team but it is the first that I have read, It works perfectly well as a stand alone novel and there were no spoilers about events or the case in the first book.
Sara Hirst’s character has lots of potential but I felt like she didn’t shine in this book. Her relationship with her boyfriend is struggling due to their work commitments and both feel resentful. She hasn’t spoken to her mother since her father’s funeral and then her stepdad gets in touch with bad news. Her colleagues and her relationships with them take second place to the main murder plot and I wonder if these were established more fully in the first book.
Another main character is Sophie, a teacher at Callum’s school who bought drugs from him. Her descent into despair and desperation prove a distraction to Sara and her team. In contrast is drugs gang leader Lisa London: ruthless, determined, downright scary!
The character I felt most in tune with was Danni, a young woman whose boyfriend’s drug involvement leads to her being a mule. She then uses her own initiative to find favour with the gang boss Lisa. Danni wasn’t a particularly likeable character but she showed more emotion and felt more realistic than any of the other characters in my opinion.
With a plot of drugs and murder, there are some unpleasant parts to the book. There is violence and some forensic detail but not a great deal. The focus of the plot is upon the three main strands of plot: Sara’s investigation, Danni’s drug running and the downfall of teacher Sophie. Three women with very different experiences and aspects to the murder of Callum.
Into Deadly Storms is an interesting and intriguing read overall.


Into Deadly Storms blog tour banner

Into Deadly Storms (Detective Sara Hirst #2)
The half-naked body, wrapped tightly in an old groundsheet, is a bit too long to fit comfortably in the back seat of the car. But he manages to shove it in anyway. Too risky to dump in the sea. There’s a wood nearby. No one will be around right now. Won’t be found till morning.
Anyway, no one will care if the kid doesn’t show up to school. Not some little piece of scum like this . . .
A missing troubled teen.
A body in the woods.
Too many leads.
Detective Sara Hirst faces her toughest case yet in Into Deadly Storms.
Fans of Joy Ellis, J.M. Dalgliesh, Matt Brolly,Rachel Lynch and Angela Marsons, get ready for your next favourite detective.
“OMG, this was one of the best first books I have ever read.” Denise
“I loved this first book.” Greta
“A really good read.” Barbara
“Sara Hirst is a great character.” Nerys
“What an astonishing debut crime novel.” Hazel
In her mid-thirties, DS Sara Hirst has left a successful career in London’s Metropolitan Police Force and taken a new post in Norfolk Police’s Serious Crimes Unit. Unfortunately, her welcome on the team is far from warm, and Sara will have to work hard to prove herself when the discovery of a body on her first morning leads to all kinds of difficulties.
A patchwork of tiny rural villages, with quaint coastal seaside resorts and peppered by farms, on a bewildering network of small back lanes. There are no motorways here, and sometimes it feels like your nearest neighbour lives in Holland.
Bounded on one side by the Norfolk Broads and the Wash on the other, its greatest feature is the boundless skies. The weather changes before your eyes. To many, it seems like a fairytale, a cherished memory of childhood holidays. In reality, these are small hard-working communities, where people tend to mind their own business, and it’s easy to keep a dark secret.

author Judi Daykin

Yorkshire born, Judi has lived, worked and made theatre in Norfolk for the last forty years. She completed her MA in Creative Writing (Crime Fiction) at the University of East Anglia (UEA), and her debut novel was shortlisted for the Little, Brown UEA writer’s prize in 2019.
‘I love the beautiful, vast skies and watery landscapes of Norfolk. Our home in a village on the north coast can feel wonderfully remote, even though the nearest town is only a few miles away. I can’t imagine living anywhere better than this.’
Judi is also a working actor, and has been known to twiddle the knobs on the sound desk for the variety shows at Cromer Pier. She runs her own theatre company, Broad Horizons, specialising in commissioning new plays recovering and retelling women’s stories.



No Deadly Medicine, by Trudey Martin

Verity Spencer spots a dropped notebook on the pavement and tries to reunite it with the owener. She travels to his home to find him lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to the stomach. He begs her to hide the notebook and asks her to seek out help, insisting ‘trust no one’. Verity embarks on a terrifying journey to the truth…
No Deadly Medicine was astoundingly good. The plot was well paced and full of action. I did need to suspend my disbelief but I was completely swept up in the story and adventure. The police are corrupt and Verity is in danger from the second she picks up the notebook.
Verity is a fab protagonist: an ordinary women thrown into extraordinary circumstances. She is amazingly resourceful and intuitive as well as brave and determined. The plot is delivered through her first person narrative which means we get to see her thought processes and emotions. She has recently been widowed so has nothing left to lose, explaining why she throws herself wholeheartedly at this mystery.
I was surprised to discover No Deadly Medicine is a debut novel as author Trudey Martin writes with a confidence I would usually associate with established authors. The style of writing is engaging and her choice of a ‘normal’ woman as the main character gives us the opportunity to consider how we would act in the same circumstances.
The ending tied up loose strands as well as setting up the potential for sequels (book 3 in the series is due to be published on 31st January 2021… I can’t wait!)
No Deadly Medicine is a fab read, thoroughly entertaining and a good bit of escapism during lockdown.

No Deadly Medicine book cover


No Deadly Medicine book blurb:

One life is about to end…
One life is about to change forever…
What would you do if your life was suddenly broken apart?
An elderly gentleman drops his notebook.
Verity Spencer picks it up.
When she attempts to return it, she finds the old man shot and dying, his house ransacked. He begs her not to hand the notebook to the police and reluctantly, she agrees.
And there’s no one you can trust…
Unwittingly Verity gets drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse with people who are not afraid to kill to protect their secrets. In order to stay one step ahead of them she needs to uncover what the scribblings in the notebook mean.
Verity is in above her head. She needs to find new levels of resolve and determination if she has any chance of finding out what is going on. And keeping herself alive.

About the author

Trudey Martin lives, works and writes in Lincoln, England. She has worked in social care for many years and likes to incorporate this experience into her writing. Trudey has previously written and directed plays and several academic articles but hadn’t until recently published a novel. Her first, No Deadly Medicine, introduces Verity Spencer as the protagonist. It is set in Lincoln and London and delves into the world of child trafficking.
Trudey has always enjoyed reading suspense, crime and mystery thrillers and wanted to create a resourceful heroine, who she says contains elements of herself, but is “much more confident and resilient than I would ever be!”
In her spare time Trudey likes to learn Spanish and travel to Spain. Perhaps, in a future book, Verity might head off to Spain.

Dead Woman Scorned, by Michael Clark

Dead Woman Scorned KINDLE Cover
Mildred Wells has sworn vengeance on Tim Russell and his girlfriend Holly after they separated her from her son in the afterlife. Now she is ready to inflict revenge on all those who caused her suffering, both before and after her death…
We develop some sympathy for Mildred as we go back along her timeline and see her past. She and her sister and mother join a cult run by Gideon Walker who wants to learn magick. Her experiences are traumatic but she also learns magick but is put under a spell to forget. She escapes the farm and begins to have a normal life, falling in love with Thomas Pike and having a son Elmer.
From the first book in the trilogy The Patience of a Dead Man, we know that this does not have a happy conclusion, with Thomas going off to war and being killed and Mildred then murdering their son.
At the end of the first book, we discovered tht Mildred was not a ghost but a revenant: someone dead, programmed for revenge. Now that she has been eternally separated from her son, she searches for Gideon and the other revenants before turning her attention back to Tim and Holly.
Dead Woman Scorned is very different to The Patience of A Dead Man. There are flashes of sympathy with Mildred and an understanding of her motives. However there are fewer spooky moments as we see her planning to destroy other characters rather than appearing suddenly.
Now that the ghost element has gone, this book still sits firmly in the horror genre but won’t make you jump like the first. There is violence and murder as befits the genre, and I liked the tension and anticipation that builds between events.
I enjoyed this book in a different way to the first due to the change in perspective and my greater understanding of Mildred’s background. This time I was waiting for her to act and wondering how she would wreak her revenge.
In the final third of the book we are introduced to a new character Andrew and it isn’t clear until the very end what significance he may have. I can’t wait for book 3 to find out more…

Dead Woman Scorned

Are you as excited as I am about this next leg of Michael Clark’s multi-book tour? This time I am thrilled to share Dead Woman Scorned (The Patience of a Dead Man #2). Mildred is back and she’s looking for vengence!
Read on for an excerpt and a chance to win an amazing giveaway!
Dead Woman Scorned (The Patience of a Dead Man #2)
Publication Date: November 12th, 2019
Genre: Horror/ Ghost Story
She’s back, and they’ll regret what they’ve done.
Mildred Wells had a miserable life that carried over to a lonesome death. In the end, they betrayed her–played her the fool.
She was the last to know, but there’s still time to catch up. She’ll formulate her painful plan as they live their lives in blissful ignorance.
With no more family, only vengeance drives her; in fact, it’s all she has. She would have rather rested in peace, but for Mildred, dying isn’t so easy
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October 1971—One year before the Open House

(at the end of The Patience of a Dead Man, Book One)

Tim Russell banged his palm against the steering wheel in frustration—he’d forgotten his wallet. He wondered for a second if he really needed it before tomorrow, then looked at the gas gauge—near empty. Not even enough gas to make it to Holly’s house in Laconia. He stepped on the brake and pulled over to the side of the dirt road to make a U-turn, then hesitated.

It shouldn’t be a problem—to simply turn around, drive the quarter-mile back, walk into the house and retrieve the wallet—but it was undeniably harrowing even though their struggles with the murderous Mildred Wells were over. They’d beaten her, and she’d been taken away weeks ago, but even so, Tim’s stress level was off the charts as he worked alone each day, watching over his shoulder, restoring the old house as fast as he possibly could.

He looked back before making the turn, his heart picking back up to the level it had maintained the entire day. Here I go–I’m going back in, he thought, as he postponed thoughts of the cold beer waiting for him at the convenience store a mile down the road. Best to hit and run. He stepped on the gas and made the turn, never taking his eyes off of the house and, more specifically, the turret, his designated office space during the reconstruction–the room where he’d left his wallet.

In seconds he was inside the front porch, opening the front door, faking as though there was nothing to be afraid of. Once inside, he noticed that it seemed very dark in the kitchen. It was late May, and the longest day of the year would be here in less than a month. Sunset should be at around 8 pm today, with the twilight keeping things well lit for another half-hour at least. Strange. He turned to look out the kitchen window.

It was pitch black outside, and his truck was already gone.

In a panic, he spun for the porch, deep down, becoming aware that forgetting his wallet was the greatest mistake of his life. The smell hit him right then, and he wondered why he hadn’t noticed it sooner. The front door was closed and locked, even though he’d left it open on purpose. He grabbed the knob and began to work it when three flies landed on his hand and wrist. No. She must be close. Tim turned to the dark dining room to protect his back. Mildred Wells stood in the far corner, motionless.

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About the Author


Michael Clark was raised in New Hampshire and lived in the house The Patience of a Dead Man is based. The bats really circled the rafters of the barn all day long, and there really was a grove hidden in the forest. He now lives in Massachusetts with his wife Josi and his dog Bubba.
The Patience of a Dead Man, Dead Woman Scorned & Anger is an Acid are his first three novels.
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | BookBub
What makes this tour extra special is that it’s part 2 of 3! This book is the second in a trilogy, best read as one big, terrifying story!
Here are the details for the last tour!
Anger is Acid (The Patience of a Deadman #3): November 30th – December 4th
Giveaway: To win print copies of the entire trilogy (US Only), or a print copy of The Patience of a Dead Man (International), click the link below!
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Dead Woman Scorned
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