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Goodbye summer and thanks for the memories!

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Well, September is here, the kids start back at school so summer must be officially over. And what a summer it was!
I am now a wife, woohoo!

Grew new teeth (well, the kids did but still none lost!)
Got a new phone and a plan with data
Fed the dinosaur addiction

More days out (we went to a couple but not as many as I’d hoped)

Fruit picking at a Pick Your Own
Sleepover with cousins (they stayed at Mum and Dad’s)

Well, the wedding and holiday to Wales, obviously. But the everyday things like going to the playground, reading books, playing on tablets, running riot in the garden were all great ways to relax.
Zach’s relentless demand for biscuits. Matthew’s obsession with facts and figures. Anya’s melodrama and hyperbole.
How was your summer? Or is it winter in your part of the world?

Please comment and share!


  1. Congratulations again on tying the knot – I think when it comes to looking back on activities we can always wish we did more but looks like you guys have been very busy and good to see the camping trip on the ‘Done’ list 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your wedding! How exciting for the children (and for you, obviously!). It sounds like a great summer and the perfect weather must have helped. #globalblogging

  3. I love round-up posts like this. Congratulations again on your wedding. I always plan so much at the start of the holidays and we’re lucky if we get through half of them! #GlobalBlogging

  4. Congratulations! It sounds like you’ve had a summer to remember. I’d hoped to have more days out too, but with a new-ish baby and my husband at work we didn’t get that far. My 3 year old spent a lot of time in the garden and at the park which she enjoyed and we also managed a few picnics, thanks to the lovely weather! #globalblogging

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  7. Seems as if you had a great summer – there is always things that we end up not doing – time always catches up on us and we can’t really fit everything in. We are now in Spring here in South Africa and then Summer – can’t wait as the Winter was just way to long #globalblogging

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