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Summer 2017 bucket list

OK so the time has come to think ahead. Only 3 weeks to go. As usual I asked the kids what they wanted to do, after all it is THEIR break from school. So what did they choose?
  • A trip on a train
No surprises for guessing this was Matthew’s first choice! We live halfway between Reading and Guildford, the trains run past our house so I might combine this with a shopping trip…


  • A picnic
Easy enough! The river Blackwater is across the train tracks so we can relax with a picnic then go on a nature walk.

  • Time with cousins (and hopefully a sleepover!)
It is safe to say the kids adore each other, they are so close in age which is fab planning from me and Hel! We haven’t tried a sleepover before but I’m hoping that we can organise it this summer!

  • Ride bikes
My aim is to take Matthew and Anya over to the park once a week to improve their balance and stamina on their bikes

  • Buy a paddling pool
The kids adore the baby pool that I have left at Mum and Dad’s from when they were little. But now the time has come to get a Β bigger one so I’m on the look out! Let me know if you have any recommendations!

  • Playground
Anya would be happy if we just went from town to town visiting only the playground and nothing else!

  • Sleep in a tent in the garden
I want the children to try sleeping in a tent. Matthew has been practicing tent pitching this month at Beavers so camping skills is something I want us all to develop. I haven’t been camping in about 15 years and it opens up more days out or weekends away, plus I’d like to go to a festival as I’ve never been to one and there are so many family friendly ones!

  • Cinema
I have never taken the children to the cinema. Matthew doesn’t cope well with danger or peril which features in almost everything! Now aged 7, I’m hoping he will be a little braver and really want him to experience a film on the big screen. And I want an excuse to go and see Despicable Me 3…
So there you have it, a few things to aim for this holiday and celebrate our time together! What have YOU got planned?


  1. Oooh yes to the train trip…actually specifically I really want to go on a steam train trip as it’s something I have always wanted to do but have never managed to as of yet. Hope you have a lovely summer whatever you do x

  2. This is a great bucket list of things to do. I need to start making some plans for my little one for over the summer. I used to love sleeping in a tent in the garden when i was younger – well at least until the middle of the night and then it was just scary.. haha. X

  3. I’ve been meaning to write a summer/end of maternity bucket list. I’ll definitely be adding a train ride to it. Visiting the local farm is going to be on my list too. I hope Matthew enjoys Despicable Me 3!

  4. Sounds like a fun list of things to do. A train ride sounds like fun and I love the sound of camping in the garden. We also still use the baby paddling pool and need to get a new one but I quite like the fact that the baby one is so quick to fill and easy to empty!

  5. We have our last day of school on Friday. Not got any big plans for the summer as we are moving house, that’s big enough. Maybe I should make a summer bucket list too, of smaller things to do.

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