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#Project365 week 27 my kids are growing up too fast!

Well, this week is all about the kids, no one else gets a look in!
Day 182: we all had an excellent time at Go Ape in Bracknell and I was so proud of Matthew and Anya being brave high in the trees
Day 183: I forgot to take a pic as Matthew headed off for his first residential trip with his school. Two nights away from home. I thought this pic from the day before reflected him facing the future and moving on to a path which will involve me less and less *sigh*

Day 184: Zach and Anya missed Matthew like crazy but also had lots of fun together. Anya is under the washing basket in case you couldn’t tell!

Day 185: Matt’s home and had a fab time abseiling, caving and doing archery as well as many other activities.

Day 186: time to finally break out the paddling pool and have the first water fight of the summer

Day 187: Matthew’s first junior school sports day and Anya was allowed to join us for a family picnic on the school field

Day 188: Zach’s first proper hair cut. The length hasn’t changed much but it is soooo much neater and the curls have gone!


  1. glad he enjoyed the trip and yes totally agree it is part of growing away from you.
    love the under the wash basket picture, amazing the thins they find to amuse themselves with.
    DD1 refuses to get Minky’s hair cut.

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  3. lovely that Matthew enjoyed his residential, I love Go Ape, never been with kids. My kids never missed one another, they enjoyed the peace when one of their siblings was away

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