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#Project365 2022 week 6

Day 36: I have been industrious over the last couple of weeks making these knitted leaves for a local community project

Day 37: and so it began, after 2 whole years avoiding covid. Matthew tested positive

Day 38: and that faint line is Anya’s positive result!

Day 39: handprint dinosaurs at work

Day 40: king and queen for a day at school

Day 41: Anya wants to be a mini me so stole my glasses

Day 42: games night and a tense game of draughts against Matthew

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  1. Sorry to hear two of the kids have tested positive, hope they are ok with it. Eliza is struggling with a headache today but thankfully not too badly. Love the kings and queens costumes

  2. Oh no. Nathaniel was 2 days ahead of Matthew getting it. Hope the rest of you avoid catching it and they don’t suffer too much.
    Love the kindg and queen costumes, very stately

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