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March vegan favourites

March was a busy month for me as a vegan!
I have had some spectatuclar dining out experiences, first at ERIKI to satisfy my curry cravings then at Vegan Foodilic which has redefined my opinion of salad.

I also enjoyed lunch with a friend at a local pub and was in love with their wheat free vegan option (also had chips but they’re not in the pic)!
At home, I haven’t done much cooking due to work being completely exhausting. I did make a tofu mocha mousse which went down well with the kids.

I have relied a lot on ready meals or things that could be made quickly.
The rainbow stew from Aldi was ok but tasted very healthy (does that make sense) so I won’t be having it agian as I’m not a fan of vegetables (despite being vegan!)


Asda’s vegetarian bolognese was ok but a little bland. We will be having it again with some seasoning or chilli to give it a pop of flavour, or add some veg to improve the texture.

Amy’s Kitchen soup was a fab quick snack meal.

Vegable range is good and I like these falafel bites with a saucy centre. Plus a mountain of pasta!

This pizza was much more expensive than I would normally buy but I was desperate to enjoy one (I’m having a real problem with vegan cheese πŸ™ )

Finally, snack time! I thought that the Aldi and Lidl fake pringles were the same but I was wrong! The size of the crisps is dfferent, the flavour and texture are different. Can I pick a favourite? I think I need to do more testing…

Other vegan highlights have been the Mother’s Day and Spring party at Lush in Basingstoke where I got to introduce my mum and daughter to a range of vegan products. I also attended VegfestUK in Brighton which was really inspiring.



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