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Winter veg soup

Just spotted this winter veg soup post from before Christmas still lurking in my drafts folder!
Winter is a great time for snuggling up with a warm bowl of soup. There is something cosy and hearty about it!
bowl of winter veg soup with roasted swede croutons
half an onion or leek
100g parsnip
100g carrot
100g swede
250g potato
1 stock cube made up with 1 pint boiling water
any herbs and spices you like (maybe sage, coriander, oregano)

winter veg soup ingredients
Peel and chop all of the vegetables.
Fry the onion in a little oil until soft (3-4 minutes)
Add the carrot, parsnip, swede and potato.

frying veg

Add the stock cube and the pint of boiling water

simmering soup

Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes until the veg is soft.
Blend in a food  processor or with a stick blender

blended soup

I used some roasted swede cubes as croutons on top of my winter veg soup.
Any spice or herbs could be used depending on your own preference. I added a little cayenne and coriander.
If you like a thinner veg soup then add a little more water during cooking.
For other soup recipes, take a look at my potato and leek soup, or celery soup, or carrot and coriander soup.


  1. Yum! Yum! I do love soups at this time of year.
    I am so glad I am not the one who buys pre chopped veg. Sometimes it is so much easier, especially the swede. That is a nightmare to chop.

  2. I need more soup in my life! You have reminded me I have one of those stick blender things so have inspired me to make my own. Lots of favourite healthy foods in this recipe too! #StayClassyMama

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