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January 2020: month in review

Phew, January is over at last (did it seem to last forever to you too?) Here is a round up of what we’ve been up to on my blog and in real life in the new decade.

Chris made me laugh by asking if my photo from 2010 was more recent as I still wear that top…. Nope, that is me 10 years ago, before I became a mum and the other pic is from this month rocking animal print for the first time!

Family: we had the joy of the class bear from Anya and my Nintendo DS has been a popular discovery at the back of a cupboard.

Work: it has been hectic with mock exams and my first governor meeting at my new job. I’m hoping for a bit of rest now until half term (except for 2 exams next week!)

Days out: does a school trip count as a day out? Anya and I went to Milestones with her year group. We also went to see my sister and her family but the weather has been so wet that it has put us off going anywhere else!


Reviews: not many toys or products reviewed as we are still recovering from Christmas but the kids loved Foam Alive


Books: so many books to start the year! Most have been psychological thrillers but also romantic comedy and crime.









































Food: I signed up for Veganuary again despite now being committed to veganism long term. I have shared my recipes for tomato and mushroom pasta, chickpea dhal and citrus cake on my blog this month.

How was your January?


  1. You are doing so well on the books front and now I am tempted by some of those covers as if I don’t have enough to read already. Sounds like a positive January even if a bit long after the Christmas fun #DreamTeam

  2. I’m still at the point of wondering where January went and how is it possible that February is already half way through! What a great month and I do love the look of your book collection to read. I’m lucky if I get through 1 book! – Not counting audiobooks (my secret not so secret now bingefest). #DreamTeam xx

  3. I am impressed with the reading list. I never seem to get around to reading except on holiday when I can’t stop! January felt very long and honestly hasn’t been my best month. It was tricky with my littles. Still its done now so onwards and upwards #DreamTeam

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