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April A to Z round up!

Goodness me! April is over already!
I have successfully made 30 different recipes (links below) and am feeling a teensy bit proud of myself for completing this mission. There have been many first bakes that I have never tried before and most of the recipes were very successful but I did have the odd disaster 🙂
My favourite was tiramisu.
Chris’ favourites were key lime pie and millionaire’s shortbread
Matthew’s favourite was pancakes.
Anya’s favourite was honey cake.
It isn’t really possible to gauge an answer from Zach but he ate all of them!


Apple crumble




Date sticky toffee cake

Egg custard tart


Gypsy tart

Honey cakes

Ice cream

Jam sponge

Key lime pie

Lemon syllabub

Millionaire’s shortbread

Nutella cake

Overnight oats


Queen of puddings

Rice pudding

Scotch pancakes


Upside down cake

Vanilla fudge

White chocolate blondies

Xmas biscuits

Yoghurt scones



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  2. Wow well done that’s a lot of cooking. Will definitely be coming back when next baking with kids – the pancakes look great, I can never get them right #globalblogging

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